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Our return policy is very simple and is consistent with all wheel and tire companies.

We Do Not accept returns on any mounted and/or driven on wheels, tires, body kits or accessories. Therefore, if you don’t mount the wheel, tire, body kit, performance or accessory to your vehicle, YES, you CAN call to request to return your order. Please note that we charge restocking fees on *some* not all products which can be valued at up to 25% of your purchase. 

This rule exists for all wheel and tire retailers but the difference with Allure Custom Automotive our goal is that we will ensure that you love your product before you purchase and if for any reason you need to return your order we want your return experience to be QUICK AND HASSLE FREE.

Please follow these easy three steps to make a return:
  1. Keep your original packaging and boxes
  2. Contact Allure Custom Automotive to obtain your Return Authorization Number (609) 213-7191 or complete the contact us form on our website.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on your Return Authorization paperwork to return your order


Custom Tip: Following these guidelines will help to expedite your return request -
  • Returned merchandise must be brand new and in original packaging and must be returned within 10 business days of receiving your order.
  • Wheels are considered used or mounted once a tire has been mounted on the wheel. Tires cannot have been installed, driven on or labels removed.
  • All returns require a Return Authorization Number


Please Note:

Customized wheels, accessories and body kits are not eligible for return BUT not all wheels are considered ‘customized’. To make it easier for you, all of our products have a note within the product description to clarify if it is a customized wheel and if it is returnable. If you do not see this language, you are eligible to return the product but please follow the three simple steps above to achieve the best results.

This entire policy also applies to exchanges and warranty returns.