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The ADV.1 Wheel line consists of hundreds of style combinations based on their available lines: ADV.1s SL wheel line has become their most advanced and sought after wheel option  and the Track Spec SL Series wheel line remains one of the most advanced respected wheel options available. The Track Spec Series wheel line consists of a 3 piece construction using their deep concave profile forgings with a modified die designed to allow a contoured spoke extension which allows ADV.1 the ability to engineer each set with spokes specifically following the exact contour of the step lip surface resulting in a look unlike any other wheel and performance to match. These wheels are intended for street and race use. The M.V1 wheel line by ADV.1 features a lightweight forged aluminum 1 piece monoblock construction and provides a high performance OEM upgrade improves ride quality and adds an aggressive stance. The M.V2 Series wheel line features a revolutionary 2 piece monoblock construction developed and engineered to provide a lightweight forged aluminum alternative. M.V2 wheels provide an entirely new look combining 3 piece versatility with 1 piece performance and ride quality. The ADV.1 Track Function wheel AND S-Function Series wheel lines are designed and engineered with the same quality materials assembly and reliability however at a lower entry level price point. These wheels are competitively priced for a forged 3 piece wheel of this quality. The ADV.1 Deep Spec wheel option combines ADV.1s Track Spec Series wheel line with their Deep Concave Series wheel line resulting in a deep step lip and profile for a look that has never before been seen. These wheels are intended for street use. The ADV.1 R-Series configuration is offered as a race only or for street or track use. This wheel option is for those seeking a specifically engineered lightweight high strength wheel. The R-Series wheel line is a 3 piece forged configuration using only step lip standard inner and outer rim halves with their lightest possible weight forging options. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 66 items